Tonbruket (01/05/2017)

Tonbruket won in thuisland Zweden met hun 3 4 albums de Grammi voor beste groep in de categorie ‘jazz’ (update, 28 feb 2017!). Maar laat je niet misleiden: dit is niet enkel een groep voor liefhebbers van jazz! Als je een vleugje rock, pop, progg of kraut kan smaken, is dit een ontdekking! Zelfs fans van Radiohead, Wilco of Royksopp kunnen de groep appreciëren. Kortom, moeilijk om in één muzikaal hokje te duwen. If you don’t know what it is, it’s jazz... 😉

Met het vierde album op zak – en uiteraard de bijhorende Grammi-nominatie – tourt de groep binnenkort weer door Europa. Op 1 mei houden ze halt in Hasselt voor een eenmalig en intiem Belgisch concert.

Dan Berglund is de spil van de groep en meteen de enige echte jazzmuzikant (wereldberoemd geworden met ‘Esbjörn Svensson Trio’) in het kwartet. Hij brengt zijn vrienden Martin Hederos, Johan Lindstrom en Andreas Werliin mee voor een avond muzikale ontdekkingen. Zij verdienden hun sporen bij diverse groepen of als sessiemuzikant bij heel wat grootheden in Zweden. De mix van 4 muzikale achtergronden komt tot uiting bij Tonbruket.

Tonbruket – Forevergreens (Act Music)

The Lejonkulan stage at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. For most people a place associated to drama that follows a strict script. For Tonbruket the same place meant the happy end to a minor drama featuring the band itself.

In May of 2015 the original line up of Tonbruket met in a songwriting session for the first time in more than two years. In a Lejonkulan scenography presenting a city in decay the question was obvious: was Tonbruket heading more or less the same way?
Percussionist Andreas Werliin had taken a long break from the group – a long time-out to play with Fire Orchestra and his own band Wildbirds and Peacedrums. Dan Berglund (bass) had toured with E.S.T. Symphony and Bugge Wesseltoft. Johan Lindstrom (guitar) had produced the band Graveyard and was a composer and arranger in various orchestral assignments. Martin Hederos (keyboard) had written ballet music with Paris based Peter von Poehl – in addition to other duties as a composer and musician.

It was in short serious doubts where the original Tonbruket were at in the big picture. Not least: would Andreas even come back?

What broke the ice was when Martin, Johan and Dan late 2014 was commissioned to compose music to the play “The Man Without a Past” at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. They wrote polkas and Finnish tango for weeks. They forgot the question marks for a while. They could focus on the main thing, to write new music together. “That meant fresh oxygen to the whole band project” they recall.

Half a year later in Lejonkulan all remaining doubts were erased. In a demo situation the most luxurious the group has yet experienced they improvised with all eyes directed forward. They recorded songs and drafts of what today constitutes the album “Forevergreens “.

Two of the songs on the album featured in the play “Man Without a Past” by Finnish playwright Ari Kaurismäki. Five minutes of the actual session recordings in Lejonkulan remains on the disc.

In late August 2015 they continued to record. Now with a set of visions and “rules” that was somewhat new to the band. The songs were not be quite as structured as on the first three very much detailed albums. This in a studio in Hamburg’s docklands which Werliin happened to run into on one of his tours outside Tonbruket.
In six days of around the clock sessions the additional songs materialized in a studio space that once was a tobacco warehouse. All guided by the band’s permanent sound designer Ake Linton. “Ake blows the horn when we head off far too long” the band sums Linton’s role.

After Hamburg followed a short session in guitarist Johan Lindström’s studio in Stockholm. Before “Forevergreens ” was mixed in the legendary Atlantis Studio in Stockholm.

“Forevergreens ” is the fourth album since Johan Lindström and Dan Berglund put the group together, followed by their debut album “Dan Berglunds Tonbruket” in 2010.
The debut album was awarded a Swedish Grammy. So were “Dig It to the End” (2011) and the Abbey Road Studios recording “Nubium Swimtrip” (2013). The band’s live performances have consistently been met with universal praise.

The expectations this has created is on “Forevergreens ” met with a collection of songs that is arguably their most unrestrained to date. But all fans of the band knows that this still means total control over details whether the music is taken from rock, jazz, kraut, progressive rock or avant-garde.

The most significantly “new” this time is a couple of vocal elements, a first for Tonbruket. In both cases delivered by the Norwegian-Swedish vocalist Ane Brun. Brun initiates the album with spoken word, later she sings wordlessly on the track “Sinkadus.”

But the silver thread is also on “Forevergreens ” the kind of seamless instrumental “all music” that has given Tonbruket such genre-crossing status all over Europe. The new material is presented for the first time on stage through a tour that kicks off at jazz club Fasching in Stockholm in March.

Dan Berglund (bass),
Martin Hederos (keyboards, violin),
Johan Lindstrom (guitar),
Andreas Werliin (percussion).

“Dan Berglund Tonbruket” (2010),
“Dig It To The End” (2011),
“Nubium Swimtrip” (2013),
“Forevergreens ” (2016)
(all on Act Music)


press picture by Jenny Baumgartner