Svavar Knútur (17/09/2017)

Anyone who has already been able to experience a performance by Svavar Knútur will remember it for a long time. His performances are an emotional rollercoaster ride between tear-weeping and laughing. He takes you into his spell and won ́t let you go so quickly.

Svavar Knutur’s performances have been widely praised, in both the Icelandic and the international press. The German edition of Rolling Stone noted Svavar’s exceptional storytelling, charismatic stage presence and his “soft cotton, nordic folk reverie”. Brisbane’s Rave magazine also described the young troubadour as having “swoon-worthy vocals” complimenting the “beautiful simplicity and raw emotion of his songs”. Influenced by such songwriters as Nick Drake, Kris Kristofferson and Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Svavar has developed his own style,

On April 27, 2017, his new album, My Goodbye Lovelies, was released at Nordic Notes. As on his last two albums, “Ölduslód” and “Brot” (2015), the Oscar-winning musician Marketa Irglova from The Swell Season is again on “My Goodbye Lovelies”. With this album, Svavar sums up his favorite tunes, which are mostly interpretations of famous but also less well-known songs. songs he loves to say goodbye to his audience – cheerful, sad, humorous, gloomy and powerful songs.